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He who has done his best for his own time has lived for all times.

Friedich Schiller.


Wynyard Transport Pty Ltd celebrate the approval of their unique advantage in trucking design. First of its kind drawbar (designed by Garth Hutton in development with Byford). Read more.


Wynyard Transport Pty Ltd acquire the freight contract with Betta Milk. The contract has them freighting the finished milk product along the North West Coast, Northern Tasmania and to Hobart.


Operations commence with Tasmanian Dairy Products. Interstate freight work is also underway at this time.


Wynyard Transport Pty Ltd expand their business and buy out the remaining share of a Cadbury contract from Dale Hutton. This contract consists of farm milk collection, transported through to Cadbury Burnie plant for processing. They also acquire a domestic and commercial water cartage business, servicing the North West and West Coast of Tasmania. The commercial side of the water business also freights bottled water to distribution warehouses in the North of the State. Wynyard Transport Pty Ltd begin shipping their water tanker to the Mainland as required.


Wynyard Transport Pty Ltd secure the milk collection contract with the newly established Tasmanian Dairy Products milk plant in Smithton. This ensures the smooth collection of milk from farms covering circular head, to Northern and North West Tasmania and return to the factory for processing.


Wynyard Transport Pty Ltd freight milk interstate successfully for a short period.


Until today- Garth and his wife Briana buy Wynyard Transport Pty Ltd from Ian Hutton and continue operations on contract with Cadbury.


Wynyard Transport Pty Ltd sold the Livestock Cartage component of the business. Concentrated on milk cartage with Cadbury.


Ian Hutton becomes sole owner of Wynyard Transport Pty Ltd. He is both milk carting for Cadbury and operating a Livestock Cartage service at this time.


A partnership was formed between father Albert (Jack) Hutton and son, Ian. It was the foundation of Wynyard Transport Pty Ltd with state wide operations.


AJ Hutton Transport- General Carrier and Livestock Cartage was established by Albert (Jack) Hutton. Until today it has been 100% Tasmanian owned and operated (in the Hutton family). Albert was Garth’s grandfather.